The HCVP/Section 8 waiting list is now CLOSED

Due to a higher than anticipated response to the January 14, 2019 opening of the Chester Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List, the online application link on the CHA’s website will close on February 4, 2019.

The previously announced ending date was February 28, 2019. Over 3000 applications were received in the first two weeks since the Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list opened. As stated in the previous public notice, only 500 applications will be randomly drawn by lottery for placement on the HCVP waiting list. Based on current funding levels and the anticipated number of program participants who leave the program each year, 500 applications will likely fill program needs for more than five years.

THE CHESTER HOUSING AUTHORITY is the city of Chester’s largest affordable housing provider. We administer and manage approximately 2,400 units.

OUR MISSION is to provide quality, safe, and affordable housing for low and moderate-income households in a discrimination-free environment. In doing so, we strive to integrate CHA residents and developments into the neighboring communities and to serve as a catalyst for revitalization and development for participant families in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania.

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